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Our g3 Story 

the 60 year plan.

For many of us, financial planning has always been about enjoying  the quality of life we’ve become accustomed to and saving enough money to someday retire. In that scenario, our sole concern is our own personal financial well-being. But retirement is just one aspect of the overall big picture. Depending on the stage of life you are in, there are many other factors to consider; how to I plan for my kid’s college, can we afford to purchase a vacation home, will my assets be sufficient for a long retirement, how do all my financial and business dealing transition to the next generation, what if I pass to soon? Questions like these are why working with g3 Strategic Advisors can benefit you and your following generations because many of your decisions have a long lasting effect on family members for generations to come.  

Our focus on intergenerational planning takes into effect Investment, insurance, and estate strategies where: you as Generation 1 (g1) accumulated and create wealth which creates a legacy to be left to your kids, Generation 2 (g2) and with proper planning, to your grandkids, Generation 3 (g3).  




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